Malicious insiders are a growing threat to businesses because of their authenticated access and reduced oversight.

ThinAir stops insider threats by deeply combining contextual user analytics and powerful protection capabilities. When ThinAir detects unusual activity on sensitive files, such as mass copy/paste or abnormal document access, it notifies admins instantly.

Today's enterprises know that malware and ransomware infections are not a question of if, but when.

ThinAir stops malware and ransomware by automatically blocking any unauthorized applications and utilities that are trying to access sensitive files. And because files are automatically encrypted, ransomware threats are rendered useless.

Not even the most careful security professionals are free from accidents. Data breaches of every size can happen from a simple mistake.

ThinAir stops accidental data breaches by brokering document access even after the file is sent or leaves the owner's possession. On the platform, file owners can revoke document access instantly.