Data Leak Investigations in 90 Seconds. How?

Data Leak Investigations in 90 Seconds. How?

Data Leak Investigations in 90 Seconds. How?

It takes an average of 205 days to discover an information leak caused by an insider or a piece of malware. Once the problem is discovered it takes weeks, if not months, to reconstruct the crime scene and give an impact analysis.

What if instead of attempting to reconstruct the crime scene, you could play back the security tape in high definition? What if you knew the source, complete impact, and vector of exfiltration in 90 seconds? Welcome to ThinAir.

What is ThinAir Observe?

What is ThinAir Observe?

ThinAir Observe is the digital equivalent of an HD video camera that helps organizations unobtrusively detect and investigate information leaks. It continuously records all activity and gives you an information chain of custody. By empowering security teams to easily run their own investigations, ThinAir Observe creates a paradigm shift in the incident response industry.

ThinAir Solves These Problems

Malicious Insider

A credit card number was compromised. Johnny was the only employee who opened the file containing this card number about 6 months ago.

Intellectual Property Leak

Sam encrypted and then copied 14,000 files containing intellectual property from his laptop to a USB stick prior to quitting the company.

Malware-based Exfiltration

Two weeks ago, an unknown process accessed 30 documents that contained details of an upcoming M&A.

Human Error

A laptop with sensitive information was stolen from a car. Did it contain those secret floor plans? Did someone access any data from the system after it was stolen?

Understand the scope of the breach in 90 seconds with ThinAir Observe.