Find your Insider Threat In 90 Seconds

ThinAir tells you who, what, and when information is created, consumed or communicated… instantly...within seconds...across your organization.

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How does ThinAir Work?

Instantly Search Data, People, and Devices

Give ThinAir examples of what information was taken

ThinAir is similar to Google for all your organization’s information. ThinAir is able to answer very sophisticated information usage, proliferation, and consumption questions.

See who is accessing sensitive data

Get a list of everyone that has seen that information

In addition to showing you where all your data is ThinAir tells you when it’s created, how it’s used, and when it’s moved, not just now but also historically.

Identify the source and impact of the breach

Identify the source and impact of the breach within seconds

By empowering security analysts to easily run their investigations in real time, ThinAir creates a paradigm shift for rapid incident triage and response.

“Any organization that is serious about breaches would be smart to take a look at ThinAir”

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